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Podcast host and creator Ruel Abadam is a recreational ultrarunner, health enthusiast, family guy, tester and designer who talks about Health, running, lifestyle, family, and play. 

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Oct 15, 2015

What happens when things to quite go as planned? You lose your mind and podcast.

Run update: If you heard the last episode, #75 with special guest Carlos Dones where we got to hear about his experience, planning, doing, and finishing the Grand to Grand ultra, a 170 mile 7-day self supported race. For most knowing that may not register so to put it in perspective, here's an AMAZING description:  “the first stage race to start from the awe inspiring north rim of the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and finish on the summit of the Grand Staircase, one of the world’s most iconic geological formations.”

So check that out if you haven’t. In that episode I talk about when I was doing my 50 miler. And I’ve already been asked my folks about how my 50 miler went. So thanks for asking everybody. As much as I’d love to me telling you I got it done done and done, I'm not. Here’s the deal. I took time off, did my prep, plotted the course, internalized it, communicated with my crew how I wanted thing to flow, gear set aside, fuel put together, yada yada. Basically ready to go. Listen to the episode to know what went down. Thanks for listening! You know Anna. If you don’t know Anna, you can go to and you can also check out the special guest episodes. integrates so you get all the lovely recipes there and more. As I like to say go to and feed your body and your soul. Find delicious healthy recipes basically free of sugars and grains, and be entertained because Anna is SUPER gifted and HIGHlarious. Check it out today!

Nourish your body and soul at Anna Vocino's site at

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Lonnie Beauchamp gets a shout out because I used his tag line on the last episode. I’m sure when he heard it made his manhood flinch, but when his name or company didn’t get the nod, wink, or knuckle bump he may have gotten upset and went out and desecrated an already dead vermon he get paid barrels loads clear out.
Lonnie Beauchamp episodes:

Friends in the Jefferson City, MO and surrounding areas, check out Lonnie Beauchamp @ Restore-It Restoration and get Life Back To Normal. Tell him Ru sent you!