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Podcast host and creator Ruel Abadam is a recreational ultrarunner, health enthusiast, family guy, tester and designer who talks about Health, running, lifestyle, family, and play. 

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Jul 27, 2015

Ru El's Running Podcast special guest is a new friend. I met him though the Vinnie Tortorich No Sugars No Grains FB group. We seem to have some things in common, but he’s way cooler. I’ve referred to him as Rawdog and I’m honestly not sure how he feels about that monicker, but we’ll find out. Friends I’m excited to have Chris Rawlins on the podcast.

Chris is 43, lives in Georgia, and single father of three.
Chris Facts
  • Tae Kwon Do instructor.
  • Survival self-defense training instructor.
  • Runs a lot.
  • Ultrarunner.
Tournament Fighting & Injury
  • Motorcycle track riding, broken collar bone, shoulder blade and ribs.
  • Recovery and lack of conditioning.
Finding Inspiration and Flipping the Switch
"I owe Christopher McDougall a punch in the face." In a good way. It flipped that switch.
Getting To The First Marathon
  • Trained via a 6 hour event.
  • Stumbled onto his first ultra.
Running 2014:
  • Three 50k
  • Four marathons
  • One 6hr event
  • Two 50 milers
  • One 100k
Rich Roll & Vinnie Tortorich
Learned about Vinnie Tortorich and NSNG from the Rich Roll Podcast.
Racing Nutrition
With several months on NSNG Lifestyle:
  • Ran 28.5m 6hr training run: 4 bananas, 1 scoop of peanut butter, and water.
  • Ran Rock N Roll Marathon Savannah 4:30:13: 1 banana mile 20 and water. A shot of Gatorade.
  • Publix Atlanta 4:21 2 bananas and water.
NSNG (No Sugar, No Grains)
  • A month strict NSNG while stopping running to heal an I.T. band, lost a bunch of weight.
  • Never had a gel.
  • Stays fat-adapted.
  • Doesn’t eat sugar and grains.
  • Helping friends adopt the NSNG lifestyle.
Enter the Dragon:
  • Not into traditional sports.
  • Bullied as a kid.
  • Started at 10 yrs old.
  • 33 years into traditional Tae Kwon Do.
  • 5th Degree Black Belt today
  • Gives back and teaches to families in his community
  • Developed a program and teaches a survival self-defense program for 4 yrs.
Don't you dare miss part 2.

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