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Ruel’s Running Podcast

Welcome to Ruel's Running Podcast!

Podcast host and creator Ruel Abadam is a recreational ultrarunner, health enthusiast, family guy, tester and designer who talks about Health, running, lifestyle, family, and play. 

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Apr 20, 2015

A great special guest conversation with the indoor environmentalist, Lonnie Beauchamp (@RestoreItLonnie). We chat about lots of stuff. Mold, sewage, falling trees, acidic nature of smoke, rescuing a cell phone from the toilet, the danger of frying a frozen turkey while intoxicated, a journey and relationship with Type 2 Diabetes, good old erections, and MORE!

Lonnie's Recommended Books on Diabetes:

"I'm just sittin' 'round waitin' on a telephone call
After water pipe exploded in the living room wall
If your washer and dryer in need of repair
You know the handyman's waitin'
And he'll be right there"
-Toby Keith, High Maintenance Woman

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Luzius Stone “Fire In The Sky”
Toby Keith "High Maintenance Woman(affiliate link)