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Ruel’s Running Podcast

Welcome to Ruel's Running Podcast!

Podcast host and creator Ruel Abadam is a recreational ultrarunner, health enthusiast, family guy, tester and designer who talks about Health, running, lifestyle, family, and play. 

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Aug 19, 2015

Tony Portera is many things. If you remember from listening to previous episodes #53 and #55 was in preparation for racing Badwater 135 also known as “The World’s Toughest Foot Race”. He's back on the podcast to run through his 2015 race and finish through Death Valley to Whitney Portal.

Tony Portera Shares:

  • Stories of that day
  • Highs and Lows
  • Talks about the importance of crew
  • Activities leading up to race start
  • The #1 way to prevent chaffing
  • Playing games on the run
  • Nutrition in day-to-day living
  • Fueling strategy in his race
  • Five things to help you have a successful run
  • Much more


Check out Endurance Planet Podcast's coverage of Tony's friend Michelle Barton and her Badwater 135 experience: Badwater 135: Documenting The World’s Toughest Foot Race


“If you can keep moving, keep moving.”

“Every step forward is one less step that you’re gonna have to take to finish the race.” - Tony Portera

“Every running experience you have, you should learn something about yourself. The course, the event, the environment and something about the other runners out there. If you can learn something in each of those categories you’d have a successful event.”  - Tony Portera

Tony Facts:

  • Running out of White Plains, New York
  • Husband and father of two.
  • Lawyer in commercial real estate
  • A veteran ultrarunner and has ran and continues to run prestigious events such like the Badwater 135, Jackpot 100, and Umstead 100.

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