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Ruel’s Running Podcast

Welcome to Ruel's Running Podcast!

Podcast host and creator Ruel Abadam is a recreational ultrarunner, health enthusiast, family guy, tester and designer who talks about Health, running, lifestyle, family, and play. 

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Nov 28, 2015

Ru El's Running Podcast 086 : Thanks, Podcasting!

Music of: Luzius Stone "Fire In The Sky"


Nov 24, 2015

Mark Thomson and Ru get together for a cup of coffee and discuss the question  "Should How Can Runners Improve Their Core Strength?"

Nov 21, 2015

  • How Do You Return To Running Safely?
  • Antibiotics May Increase Risk Of Tendonitis 
  • Internet Thieves
  • Eggs & Bacon
  • Happy Thanksgiving Wishes!

Nov 19, 2015

Lonnie Beauchamp and Ru El finally get together to discuss the question “What is diabetes and why should we care?”

  • Percentages of who are Type 1 & Type 2.
  • Reasons to care
  • Why the American Diabetes Association guidelines are misguided?
  • How much sugar is the body supposed to hold on to versus what most people...

Nov 17, 2015